There are two characters in this 13 page doujin. We have the unnamed, big-boobs chick and a man whom she calls, Admiral.

Sex scenes: The entire doujin is just one short sex scene. Like a quickie. A very sexy one. They get right into it. They are in a room that is decorated in the style of a beach setting. She is barely wearing a bikini. It’s just her and the Admiral. She says something about needing to stretch and he doesn’t hesitate to step in from behind and grab her tits. She seems to be taken by surprise at first but starts to really enjoy it. After fondling her big tits, he goes down to her ass. She tells him not to spread her ass but he doesn’t listen. He plants his face in her ass and pussy. She is loving it. Next, the Admiral is lying on his back with his cock hard and ready for her to slide her pussy onto. She rides him for a bit before asking for him to cum inside of her.


- She is extremely sexy with her big tits and curvy body.

- I like a good quickie.

- One of the sexiest scenes is when he is eating her out from behind. Mmmm….

- I like how willing she is and how much she is enjoying having her tits rubbed, pussy eaten and fucked.

- Love all the great angles and the close-ups.

Dislikes: Maybe that there weren’t other positions but I’m not complaining.

Overall thoughts: Short and sexy. No real story but I believe this doujin is part of a long series. The scene of him eating her out from behind and her ass up like that…. I could rub my clit just to that. Let my imagination take over.

Her name may be Iowa, though I'm not too sure on that. This is but one of many in this series. I have yet to read them all. I'm pretty sure that I'm reading them out of order being that I'm choosing doujin's randomly. I look forward to reading more.


Rating: I give this doujin a… 5.

5- Loved it (Rubbed my clit to it)

4- Really liked it (Turned me on)

3- It was good (It was sexy)

2- It was ok (It was cute)

1- Didn’t like it (Did nothing for me)


Iowant 2!!

2019-03-10 23:36:19
Tabrin Reviews
big breasts bikini swimsuit 5stars sole male sole female multi work series tall girl military unusual pupils mecha girl
There are two characters in this 13 page doujin. We have the unnamed, big-boobs chick and a man whom she calls, Admiral.

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2019-04-03 04:18:13
We could always use more Iowa. I do love the poses, they make her look so curvy and sexy. I'd love to do something similar with you, Tabrin. ^_~
Author ADMIN


2019-03-26 12:43:05
I do. Feel free to message me like before. I’m doing reviews for now but hopefully in the near future I’ll be uploading other content.


2019-03-12 06:21:51
Does Tabrin still have an account?
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